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Natural Fancy Color Diamonds Guidance

Natural Fancy Color DiamondsNetCarats is proud to offer a selection of Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds, some of the rarest and most coveted gems in the world. Did you know, that only one in every 10, 000 diamonds possesses color and is referred to as a Fancy Color Diamond. The color of the Diamond, and the intensity of this color are the two most important considerations when buying a Fancy Color Diamond. Characteristics, such as Cut and Clarity that play an important role in White Diamonds, play a lesser role when selecting a Fancy Color Diamond.

  Fancy Color Diamonds
Natural Fancy Color DiamondsThese Diamonds are at the other end of the color spectrum: while Diamonds are coveted more for their colorlessness, it is the depth and richness of color that is sought after in Fancy Color Diamonds. These natural color diamonds exist in all colors of the rainbow. Fancy color Diamonds are available in shades and various combinations of pink, blue brown, yellow, orange, green, and red. Of these yellow is the most common fancy color, and red, blue, and green diamonds being the rarest.

All of NetCarats Fancy Color Diamonds are completely Natural and have never been exposed to any artificial coloring techniques
  Fancy Color Terminology
Fancy Color Diamond's are named for the most prominent color in a Fancy Color Diamond, for instance a Pink Diamond would indicate that pink is the most prominent color in the Diamond. The name of the color that is less prominent or secondary is placed in front of the primary color and is used to describe the most prominent color. So the name "purplish pink" diamond is used to describe a Diamond in which the most prominent color is pink, and the secondary color is purple. Where two colors are equally prominent, the name is stated as "purple pink" diamond.
  Color and Value
Two characteristics determine a fancy color Diamond's worth: the color of the Diamond, and the intensity of that color. Diamonds that are more intense in color are rarer, and thus more valuable. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) grades the color intensity of a diamond in the following categories:
Diamond Color Chart
Fancy Color Diamond

Undertones of color that enhance the prominent color add to the value of a fancy color diamond, whereas, colors that detract from the prominent color, will diminish the value of the fancy color diamond.
  Carat Weight
As with White Diamonds, carat weight significantly and exponentially impacts the price of a Fancy Color Diamond. Because larger Fancy Color Diamonds are much rarer than smaller Fancy Color Diamonds, they are therefore much more valuable. As with White Diamonds, the price of Fancy Color Diamonds increases exponentially with weight, so a one Carat Fancy Color Diamond will cost significantly more than twice the price of a half-carat Fancy Color Diamond.
As in all Diamonds, the overall cut, its symmetry and proportions add to the sparkle and brilliance of a Diamond. However, unlike in a White Diamond where the cutter's primary concern is to enhance the sparkle and brilliance of a Diamond, the cutter's primary focus when cutting a Fancy Color Diamond is the enhancement of its color. When cutting a Fancy Color Diamond, the cutter will also take the inclusions into account as inclusions can enhance its color.
Clarity is not a critical factor in determining the value of a Fancy Color Diamond. In Fancy Color Diamonds, inclusions are often crystals that are the same color as the Diamond, and will blend in with the color of the Diamond and even enhance the brilliance of the Diamond.
The shape of a Diamond is its overall appearance when viewed from the top i.e. Round, Oval, Marquise etc. The cutter's overall goal when deciding on the shape of a Fancy Color Diamonds is to enhance its natural color. Because of this many Fancy Color Diamonds are cut into fancy shapes. A desired shape in a desired color may not be easily available due to the scarcity and high demand for these Diamonds.
At NetCarats, all of our Natural Fancy Color Diamonds are accompanied by a Certificate from an independent grading authority (such as GIA, EGL, or IGI). Each diamond is also accompanied by a colored diamond identification and a natural origin report.
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