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All of NetCarats platinum jewelry is made from the finest quality Platinum. Platinum is a rare precious metals used to make fine jewelry. Its natural white shiny patina makes it an extremely popular choice for Diamond jewelry as it naturally enhances the brilliance and sparkle of Diamonds.

Platinum in jewelry

Platinum is an extremely rare, dense, and strong metal. In addition to its natural beauty, it is these characteristics of Platinum that make it so desirable for jewelry. Because of its strength, it is used in almost its purest form in jewelry. It retains its natural beauty as it is not alloyed with other metals. Its weight and strength also make it extremely durable. It does not wear away with time, it may scratch with wear and tear overtime, but none of the metal is lost. This is the primary reason why Platinum prongs are recommended for Diamond Rings.

Platinum Purity and Markings

At NetCarats, all of our Platinum jewelry is made from the highest grade platinum, or 95% pure Platinum. Platinum is alloyed with either Iridium, Palladium, Ruthenium or other alloys.

Platinum Markings – The Platinum standard is based on parts per thousand, where 100% equals 1000 parts. The two most common alloys of Platinum found in the United States are 95% Platinum, and 90% Platinum.

95% Platinum - This alloy is 950 per 1000 parts of platinum, and 50 parts other metal. This is commonly stamped as “Platinum”, “Plat”, “Pt”, “Pt950”, “950Pt”, “90Plat” or “Plat950”.

90% Platinum – This alloy if 900 parts per 1000 parts of Platinum and 100 parts of other metal. His is commonly stamped as “900Pt”, “Pt900”, or “900Plat”.

Platinum Jewelry – Care

Over time Platinum may get scratched, and develop a finished appearance that is unique to Platinum. Some people prefer this look, but if not, you can take your Platinum jewelry to a jeweler to bring back its original polish. As with other jewelry, Platinum jewelry can be cleaned with a mild solution of soap and water, and rubbing it with a soft cloth.

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