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Conflict Free Diamonds
What are conflict diamonds?
Conflict diamonds, also known as "blood diamonds" are diamonds that are mined in war torn nations in Africa, and sold to insurgents to finance their was efforts. This issue was first identified in 1998 by the United Nations as a source for the funding of wars. In 2000, the Diamond industry took its first steps to combat the trade of these conflict diamonds.
Kimberley Process Certification Scheme
In 2003, the United Nations introduced resolution 55/56, or the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme "KPCS". The purpose of the KPCS is to certify the origin of rough diamonds from conflict-free sources. The purpose of the Kimberley Certification scheme is to prevent "blood diamonds" from entering the mainstream diamond market,thereby providing customers assurance that by purchasing diamonds, they are not financing war and human rights abuses.
Our policy on Conflict-free diamonds.
At NetCarats, we are proud to fully adhere to the rules of the Kimberley Scheme, and deal only in conflict-free diamonds.When you purchase a diamond from NetCarats, please be assured that you are buying a conflict-free diamond, and that all the vendors and suppliers we deal with, have the same ideals and beliefs as we do.
If you have any questions or concerns about conflict-free diamonds, or require documentation from us, please contact us at
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